Eurotunnel services resume after mass break-in

London, Oct 3 (IANS) Eurotunnel which operates the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France, on Saturday resumed services for passengers and freight resuming after more than 100 migrants broke into its Calais terminal overnight, the company said.

A large group of migrants “arrived together an in a well-organised manner and broke through the fences” late Friday night, a Eurotunnel spokesperson said.

Of the group of about 200, 100 successfully broke into the terminal and some managed to get into the tunnel itself, BBC reported.

One Eurotunnel employee and two police officers were injured.

Services were suspended for safety reasons while French police and British authorities removed people from the area.

A man died on Wednesday near the tunnel entrance in Calais – the 13th migrant to die trying to reach Britain since June and the fourth to have died in September.

In August, Eurotunnel said the number of attempts by migrants trying to get into its terminal near Calais had fallen to about 150 a night, down from a high of 2,000 in the previous month.

Extra security, including fencing, paid for by Britain, has been put in place, aimed at making it harder for migrants to get onto the platforms and trains.

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