Ex-NMAMIT students come together to make a Malayalam docudrama

Recently, NMAMIT college mates from Mangalore and long-time friends – Preetham, Chetan, Rajesh, Satish, Jatin, Prashanth and Senna – got together to make a realistic Malayalam docudrama titled 0-41*. Shot in Kanhangad of Kasaragod district in Kerala, this docudrama is written and directed by Senna Hegde who is from this town. This 91-minute film is a beautiful representation of the everyday life of a group of people who spend their evenings playing Volleyball, entering a world far removed from the bustle of life. The film showcases their life, their aspirations and fears, and their point of view on the rest of the world. Volleyball becomes the crucial part of this film as it acts as the thread holding the film together. The most intriguing aspect about 0-41* is the local dialect, making the film the first of its kind to come out of Kasaragod area.

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Furthermore, 0-41* entirely comprises a cast of non-actors who play characters with their own names and occupations as they do in real life. The film was shot over just nine days with a four-man crew – namely Keertan Poojary (cinematography), Unni Abhijith (sound), Jayanth Seege (Assistant Director) and Syam Krishnan (Editor).

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0-41* is complete and earning accolades at world film festivals at the moment. Following the World Premiere on 26th January at Cite De Arts Theatre in Lafayette, USA as part of the 11th “Cinema On The Bayou” Film Festival, it was officially selected at the 4th Noida International Film Festival where it won the award for best cinematography. Next stop for the film is RapidLion, the South African international film festival as well as the International Film Festival of Ukraine.

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On home front, 0-41* is seeking for a distribution deal

The team has released two teasers for the movie which can be viewed on Youtube.


To know more about 0-41*:

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