Exhibition on Banarasi brocade saris to be held in Capital

New Delhi, Feb 24 (IANS) An exhibition on Banarasi brocade saris titled “Atoot Dor- Unbroken Thread” will held in the Capital starting Thursday. The two-month long event will highlight the dialogues between museum artifacts, living traditions and of course Banarasi saris.

The event will be held at the National Museum in collaboration with India Foundation for the Arts, Bengaluru. It will exhibit 100 objects under six sections which will include contemporary pieces from eminent designers and brands like Ritu Kumar, Rahul mishra, Ashdeen in collaboration with Goodearth, Jaypore and asian paints.

The highlight of the exhibition will be an exclusive range of products on display by Kumar, while tracing their origins, repertoire and contemporary expressions. These products are presented both as textiles for personal adornment and as cultural artifacts produced, circulated and appreciated globally.

Speaking about her participation at the special exhibition, Kumar said: “The weaves of Banaras are the only surviving textiles in the world, where the skills of the master weavers create handlooms which are a true statement of the bespoke garment.

“These weaves and textiles are the most haute couture of all. Banaras weaves are almost like a monument worth preserving, like no other in the world. I am happy to support and be a part of the revivalist projects centred round the traditional crafts and textiles of India.”

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