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Long time ago a well qualified girl had come to Dubai to search for a job. Though she was qualified but NO experience. On seing her CV many companies called her for interview but regretted that she has No experience. The time has come for her going back since she did NOT succeed getting any job as per her qualifiactions. Just before two days of her going back she got another call from a very good company but she was reluctant to go for the interview. In the mean time she met someone who told her to tell something during the interview. She took courage and went for the interview.

During the interview the same problems. The interviewer said that she has no experience. At that time she requested to the interviewer that she will ask a question to him and he said OK. She asked, have you married? He said ‘Offcourse, yes’ and also said that he got two children as well. Then she took courage to asked him ‘when you met your would be wife first time, did you ask her that she has any experience?

The interviewer though got a shock first later realized unless one gets an opportunity no one will have the experience and appointed her.

(This is a true incidence happened long ago and I am the one who told her to tell like that)

Author: Alfred John Rebello- UAE

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