False Post on WhatsApp Regarding Cop’s Illness

False Post on WhatsApp Regarding Cop’s Illness

Puttur: How social media is being abused and the hazards of blindly forwarding messages received on WhatsApp without verifying the authenticity again came to light in Uppinangady during the past few days.

Manjunath, a police constable from the local station, suddenly fell ill while on duty. His superiors sent him to a hospital. On medical advice, he was sent on leave to take rest at home.

While he was on drips in the hospital, a colleague clicked his picture and uploaded it on WhatsApp to inform others in the group about his illness. The post landed in the hands of a mischief-monger.

Already the proposed strike by the police force in the state is a hot subject. Although the grievances of the police force are absolutely genuine, vested interests and political elements, under the guise of sympathizing with them, have been fishing in troubled waters to serve their own motives.

This incident became a fodder for their rumour-mills. A post on WhatsApp with a good intention was twisted by miscreants.

A false story was created that Manjunath had been under pressure from his superiors and hence attempted to commit suicide, as a result of which he had been admitted to the hospital.

As the message went into wide circulation, confusion prevailed among the police force and the public.

Journalists too received constant enquiries in the matter. It took quite some time and effort to convince the callers that everything was fine.

When enquired, Manjunath said that it was totally untrue and confirmed that he had faced no harassment whatsoever from his superiors.

Having felt weak and running temperature, he had been asked to go to the hospital and under medical advice, he was resting at home, he clarified.

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