Farm Supervisor from Kerala Dies of Wild Bee Attack near Hebri

Karkala: Papachan (64), a farm supervisor – commonly called ‘writer’ – in a farm in Belanje Garadi near Hebri died after wild bees attacked him on Sunday morning.


T D Jose, the owner is a resident of Kerala, and his own was being overseen by Papachan, also from the same state. He lived with his wife in the farm.

Papachan had got up early Sunday morning to get the water pump started. His neighbours had given him a blanket to protect himself from likely bee attack. He covered himself with it.

However, when the whole swarm landed on the blanket, out of panic, he reportedly threw it off and tried to protect himself in a bush. But they chased him and severely attacked him in his back and neck.

Since he did not return for a long time, his wife and neighbours came in search of him. He was found dead near the bush. Their only daughter is married and has settled in Kerala.

Jose, the farm-owner, has filed a complaint at the Hebri police station.

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