Fencing champion Hoshiyar Singh thrown out of train, dies

Uttar Pradesh (PTI): National fencing champion Hoshiyar Singh died on Thursday after he was allegedly thrown out of the train by Railway Police in Hathras district, Uttar Pradesh.


Hoshiyar Singh, who won bronze medal in an under-17 championship in 2005, was travelling with his family to his hometown Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh.

According to a report in Times of India, the athlete’s family has alleged that GRP constables Rajesh and Ramvilas demanded a fine of Rs 200 from him for entering the ladies’ compartment. When he refused to pay, GRP constables Rajesh and Ramvilas threw him out of the train.

Relatives said that he had entered the ladies’ compartment to meet his unwell wife. An FIR has been lodged against the GRP constables Rajesh and Ramvilas. But senior GRP officers have denied the involvement of the constables in the incident.

Hoshiyar Singh’s family wants to file a case of murder against the GRP constables. However, police claims that the athlete slipped and fell from the train.

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