Finally, a Mughal museum in Taj city

Agra, Aug 7 (IANS) The Taj city will finally have the world’s first Mughal Museum, costing the Uttar Pradesh government around Rs.140 crore.

It will showcase handicrafts, arms and ammunitions, costumes, artefacts, paintings, creative works, documents and currency from the Mughal period.

The Uttar Pradesh cabinet cleared the project three days ago.

Uttar Pradesh Tourism’s director general Amrit Abhijat said the museum will come up close to the Taj Mahal — on six acres of land presently with the electricity department.

He said experts from European countries, historians and architects would be involved in drawing up the plans for the ambitious project.

Agra has two other museums: the Taj Municipal Museum and another in the Taj Mahal itself. But they are not very popular with tourists.

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