Fire Breaks Out Near Ragavendra Math, Major Disaster Averted

Mangaluru: A fire was reported at a house in KG road near Ragavendra Math here, on March 10.

The house belonged to Raghuvir who had given an adjoining room on rent to Bheemal (32), who works at a jeweler shop in Car Street. When the fire broke out in the rented room, Bheemal had been to work and his wife had been to school to pick their child.

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When the locals saw thick smoke from the house, they immediately rushed to the spot and called the fire service. One of the local, Dev said, “When I saw smoke coming out of the room, I quickly entered it and threw the LPG cylinders out and later called the fire service.”

Station In-charge of the Pandeshwar Fire Station, Ganganaik said, “We received a distress call at 12.02 PM and we rushed to the spot within 3 minutes and doused the fire. We suspect short circuit to be the reason for the fire.”

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