Fires in northern Spain extinguished after 10 days

Madrid, Dec 30 (IANS) The fires which have raged across the north of Spain since December 19 have finally been extinguished, the Regional Government of Cantabria confirmed on Tuesday morning.

The region had experienced over 200 different forest fires, the arrival of a weather front from the Atlantic bringing wind and rain helped the labours of the firefighters, Xinhua reported.

Despite the good news the region is still on maximum alert over the risk of new fires after what has been the warmest December on record and where the warm weather is predicted to return over the coming days.

That means that emergency services and the military, as well as aerial fire-fighting units will remain in the area in the short-term awaiting developments over the coming days.

The fires in the neighbouring region of Asturias, which has suffered a similar number of incidents over the past week, were also extinguished on Monday.

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