I request all the science students who have lost their scientific temperament and who are feeding the scientific terms to vastu experts such as energy, field, radiation, cosmic, magnetic lines etc.
For example, present day Vastu has borrowed the idea of magnetic lines of forces of earth from physics and screws the head of innocent people including science students who have studied and forgotten electromagnetic theory. The new theory ( = bull shit ) deals with the vibrations created by the magnetic field ( oh?Faraday, Oersted, maxwel , Hertz didn’t notice this vibration ) . They say ,these vibrations cause the flow as energy ( I don?t know whether the energy flows like liquid or gas) and effect the person.
Another term of physics used frequently by Vaastu experts is “wave length”. They say, these wavelengths are created by some field inside the house ( it is another refined modern scientific bull shit.) ….If the wave lengths are produced by electric field of home, home must be a charged conductor or it should be fully charged body….if that is the case..let us charge our cell phones just by plugging in to the kitchen wall….ahahaha… )

Wake up friends …let us explain the world

” Just by using scientific terms one can not make a dog a robot..”

Still more to come..
Venugopal Bhat , MSc (Physics)

Author: venugopal bhat- India