For failed dinner date with Hrithik, woman sues Coca Cola

Chandigarh, Aug 19 (IANS) Soft drinks major Coca Cola has been served a court notice here after a woman sought damages of Rs.2.5 crore from the company for failing to organise a ‘romantic dinner’ date with Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan in 2003.

The complainant, Shikha Monga, had moved the court in 2003 but her application was taken up by the district court here on Monday.

Monga was 19 and a college student here when she won a Coca Cola contest in May 2000 in which the company, in its promotional campaign, had promised a romantic dinner with Hrithik, who had become a craze in those days among the youth after the success of his launch film ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’.

She had purchased Coca Cola bottles from her pocket money and won the prized bottle cap which promised the dinner date.

The complainant, now 34-years-old and living in adjoining Panchkula town, pointed out that the company never arranged the date with the film star and did not respond to her letters.

Civil judge (senior division) K.K. Jain issued the notice to Coca Cola on the application for damages filed by Shikha. The case will be heard on Monday.

The court also exempted Monga from paying the mandatory court fee for claiming damages.

In her petition, she said that Coca Cola failed to keep its promise and it led to loss of reputation for her in the family and among friends.

She has alleged that a Coca Cola official at its marketing office here, had even offered to give her Rs.five lakh in 2000, instead of the promised dinner date.

However, she insisted on the dinner with the film star which never happened.

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