Former president of El Salvador’s football federation to be extradited

San Salvador, Dec 11 (IANS) The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) of El Salvador has approved the extradition to the Unites States of Reynaldo Vasquez, the former president of Salvadorian Football Federation (Fesfut), according to media reports.

CSJ approved Vasquez’s extradition on Thursday after it received the arrest warrant that was pending in the extradition petition, reports Xinhua.

The arrest warrant was received on Thursday after being sent from the US government, allowing the arrest to finally go ahead.

Vasquez is wanted by the US in the FIFA corruption scandal that has seen numerous South American football executives being arrested.

Days ago, he finally admitted that a sports marketing company, Traffic, offered him bribes to grant them broadcasting rights for World Cup qualifiers involving El Salvador, over a rival company, named Media World.

However, Vasquez contends that he did not accept any of the bribes. He said that his lawyers were analysing how to face the situation and that he was remaining calm and following his routine.

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