Four Chinese officials expelled from CPC for graft

Beijing, Oct 11 (IANS) Four senior officials were expelled from the Communist Party of China for corruption in Yunnan province, authorities said.

The four were Xie Xinsong, vice mayor of Kunming, the provincial capital; Cai Jianghua, deputy head of the province’s investment and cooperation bureau; Chu Zhongzhi, Party chief of Dali City; and Li Xiaoming, former head of the provincial geological and mining bureau, reported Xinhua.

Xie, Cai and Chu were dismissed from their public posts, said the Yunnan Provincial Discipline Commission of the CPC.

The four were accused of accepting bribes. Xie and Chu allegedly accepted more than 5 million yuan ($790,000) and about 3.6 million yuan in bribes respectively. The two were also accused of adultery.

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