Four-year-old spells 64 words in a minute, creates record

Four-year-old spells 64 words in a minute, creates record

BENGALURU (DHNS): At an age when children can barely remember alphabet, Sriganesh Birader (in pic), a four-year-old Bengaluru boy has entered into the India Book of Records (IBR) for his spelling mastery.

On Sunday, amidst a gathering that included an Rajya Sabha MP, Sriganesh registered his name in the record books for successfully spelling 64 words in one minute. The requirement was to spell 51 words in one minute. Another record achieved by the wiz kid was correctly remembering the numbers from 0 to 100 in reverse. Jury members from the IBR were present during the event.

Sriganesh is a student of New Horizon Public School, Indiranagar and studies in LKG. Speaking with the Deccan Herald he said: “It was a very big function and I got a lot of gifts and medals.”

“Children usually take around 70 seconds to remember the numbers. Sriganesh, however, achieved this feat in 45.7 seconds,” said the boy’s proud father, Basavaraj Birader. Sriganesh can also easily do math problems that includes additions with double digits.

Basvaraj spotted his son’s exceptional memory power and learing abilities when he was 2.7 years. “He likes watching a lot of online videos and while his mother cooks he watches videos on spellings. One day we noticed that he spelt the word ‘carrot’ correctly.

He could barely even speak then. Kids at this age would know simple three letter words,” said Basvaraj. Realising his abilities, he started to give his son books and other learning material. The most Sriganesh has spelt is around 800 words that include the entire planets of the solar system.

Although Basvaraj, who works as a software architect with an MNC is himself a gold medalist from Gulbarga University, he said that his son’s vocabulary was better than that of his. “I come from a Kannada medium background and I have been corrected several times by him when I say wrong words. I always have to be careful around him,” he said.

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