Fr Evan SVD of Divine World Missionaries Conducts Special Retreat in Holy Land

Fr Evan SVD of Divine World Missionaries Conducts Special Retreat in Holy Land

Jaffa, Israel: The Indian Chaplaincy Holy Land in conjunction with the custodian of the Holy Land Fr Sergio Galdy having planned a special Renewal Programme and a marriage preparatory course for the laity invited priests from the Society of Divine Word (SVD Congregation) to conduct a Retreat in Israel during this Holy Year of Mercy. This special Revival Programme was planned to meaningfully celebrate the YEAR OF MERCY, to maximize the Holy Year of mercy experience and give the people an opportunity to renew their life in the Lord.


The Provincial of SVD India Mumbai Province, Fr Paul Vattathara SVD with his council and the Director of Divine Call Retreat Centre, Mulki Mangalore Fr Valerian Fernandes SVD gave their consent to have Fr Evan Josefred Gomes SVD, popularly known as Fr Evan SVD, visit the Holy land to conduct the renewal programme.

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A fortnight Mission in the Holy Land, conducted by Fr Evan SVD brought blessings in abundance. The thirst for the Word of God was quenched as hundreds of people experienced the Divine touch in the revival programme organized at St Anthony’s School hall at Jaffa. It was a feasting on the Word of God for the people who had a great desire to be enriched by it. “It was tasty”; “it was comforting”; “it was healing”; “it was strengthening”; these were some of the expressions of the people at the end of the retreat.

The participants were full of praise to God and thanked God for the miracles He worked in them. Many gave testimony for the favors they received which included physical healings, mental peace, relief from various kinds of bondages, the gift of forgiveness and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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At the end of the retreat, Alex on behalf of Fr Toji OFM in charge of Indian Chaplaincy Holy land who had organised the entire programme thanked Fr Evan SVD for the wonderful retreat and especially thanked the Director of Divine Call Centre Mulki for heeding to their request in sending Fr Evan SVD to Israel. He also thanked the organisers, the people and the choir which made the retreat lively.

Fr Evan SVD expressed his gratitude to the Indian Chaplaincy at Holy Land and the organizers for inviting him to Israel to conduct the retreat and told the faithful that he is looking forward to returning to Israel.

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It may be recalled that Fr Evan SVD at Divine Call Centre Mulki is well known for his preaching and retreats. He has been conducting faith-related programmes & outreach programmes for all age groups and hundreds of people have experienced the healing touch of the Lord through his ministry. Presently he is involved in the retreat ministry and media work at the Divine Call Centre Mulki.

Report : W.L. D’Souza

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