French beheading selfie appears on Twitter

London, July 20 (IANS) An infamous selfie taken by a French national – who appears confused about his motive – beside the dead body of his boss before he beheaded him has made its way to Twitter.

The picture has been posted by an account linked with the Islamic State (IS), the Telegraph reported.

The French authorities have initiated a further investigation after the selfie appeared on Twitter.

The message accompanying the photo, reportedly sent to a French jihadist in Syria, describes the killer, Yassin Salhi, 35, as a “soldier of the caliphate”. Twitter has since suspended the account.

The picture shows Salhi sitting beside the dead body of Herve Cornara, 54. It was apparently taken in a van in a Lyon car park where he killed Cornara last month.

Salhi has been placed under formal investigation, a stage in the French legal process equivalent to being charged, for murder in connection with a terrorist undertaking.

However, Salhi, a father of three, reportedly seemed confused about his motives when questioned after his arrest.

He reportedly blamed the attack on family tensions and problems at work, telling police he had wanted to stage “a media coup” by portraying it as an Islamist attack.

Investigators have so far uncovered no evidence to show that Salhi acted under orders from Isil or another group.

A source close to the prosecution said Salhi had sent the picture to a Canadian mobile number. A friend of the victim told French media he had witnessed a row between Salhi and his boss days before the killing.

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