G Parameshwar visits Krishna Temple defends Ramya’s Pakistan Statement

G Parameshwar visits Krishna Temple defends Ramya’s Pakistan Statement

Udupi: The State Home minister G Parameshwar and his wife Kannika Parameshwar visited Shree Krishna Temple on Friday, August 26.

The home minister offered prayers in the Temple and made a darshan of Lord Shree Krishna. Later the minister met Shree Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji of Paryaya Pejawar math and sought his blessings. Swamiji honoured Dr G Parameshwar and Kannika Parameshwar.

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Later speaking to mediapersons Parameshwar commented over the statement of former MP Ramya on Pakistan. Parameshwar said that What Ramya said is not wrong. What she said is when she went on work to Pakistan, the people of Pakistan had treated here well. Narendra Modi had invited Pakistan prime minister for his swearing in ceremony. Some people are trying to create nuisance in the country, he added.

Parameshwara also aid that if at all the innocents are arrested in connection with the BJP activist Praveen Poojary’s murder, the suspects would be acquitted immediately, which will be decided by the legal proceedings. “The Pejawar seer has not referred to anything regarding the Anti Cow Slaughter Act. The seer has expressed his lament over the incidents that are taking place in state and the country. The state government had no role in the recent murder of the BJP activist in Kokkarne,” he clarified.

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