Game-Changing Mobile Gaming Industry

Game-Changing Mobile Gaming Industry

As per IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India), India is the third largest country in Internet population and is assessed to surpass the US by 2016. The mobile gaming Industry in India is in a phase of rapid growth and is expected to rise with the rise in internet users. Lowering data costs and smartphone affordability are the major reasons for the growth of the mobile gaming industry in the country.


There has been a tremendous increase in the internet user base in the country in the past few years. With larger network coverage there has been a growth of 99% in the internet users in rural India and 65% in urban India. These statistics will truly make the Indian mobile gaming industry to upgrade to the next level.

Contribution of Mobile Networks and Data Technologies

With the upcoming of cheaper data solutions for network service providers like Reliance Jio, the internet population of India will rise at a much higher pace. This will positively influence the Indian gaming industry as many people will start playing social and online mobile games. The growth of Mobile data technologies 3G and 4G has also contributed to a smooth online gaming experience.

At present India is the 18th largest game market in the world, this is expected to rise in the coming years. It is also observed that people in India are spending money for game purchases, this has added to the Indian gaming revenue.

Gaming Revenue & Traditional Card Games

The latest studies estimate that the gaming revenue in India will reach a CAGR of +49.2% in 2014 to 2018. The digitalisation of traditional card games like Rummy and Teen Patti has added to the gaming revenue in India.

Rummy is the most loved card game in India. With the rise of online rummy in India, people are now able to conveniently play the game anytime or anywhere. With the rise in the number of players, the overall gaming revenue of India has increased considerably.

Rummy Gaming experience

The rise in technological innovations has helped seamless gaming experience. Real-time multiplayer games have been on the rise with the growth of data technologies and cheaper internet. Players are now able to enjoy the favourite rummy game without any issues. Game developing companies in India has been able to provide players with world-class mobile gaming platforms.

Online rummy portals like Junglee Rummy have been able to implement innovative features to their gaming portals. With a short span of time, the companies like Junglee Rummy were able to compete with the standards of global game development companies.

Earlier India had not much to claim when it boiled down to game development. But with the rise of technology and internet usage, there are now many game development companies capable of offering delivering class games. The mobile rummy gaming industry has also taken a tremendous leap with the growth of game development companies in India. There is still room for improvement for mobile games that are developed in India. By developing more India-centric games like rummy and teen patti, we can easily overpower to be the No.1 game industry in the world.

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