Gandhigiri in Crossland to create awareness on Helmet use

Gandhigiri in Crossland to create awareness on Helmet use

Udupi: Life is precious and many youngsters lose their life today in two-wheeler accidents due to severe head injury. The government had made helmets compulsory. Many awareness campaigns under the guidance of former IPS Officer Annamalai on the need of wearing helmets were organized in different colleges. Even then, the people continue to ride two-wheelers without helmets. In order to create awareness among students, ‘Gandhigiri’ concept was tried at the campus on Saturday, 10/09/2016. Students without helmets were stopped by the girls of the college by offering rose and the teachers convinced these youngsters the importance of wearing helmets so that they can save their life. The college has made it mandatory for the students to use helmets when coming by two-wheeler to the campus.

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A student who came without wearing a helmet on his head but kept on the bike remarked: “I felt ashamed to take the flower from my college mates for doing something wrong.” A student volunteer, who was part of the campaign, remarked “I am happy to be part of a novel initiative of creating awareness on helmet use. I am proud to be a part of this initiative, where I could play a part in protecting the life of my friends.”

The Youth Red Cross unit under the guidance of Lecturer Jyothi arranged the programme. Prof. K.K Gurumurthy and Prof. (Mrs) Reebu Samuel were present along with the student volunteers

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