Ganeshotsava Samithi official Sunil Kappettu abuses SI during idol immersion

Ganeshotsava Samithi official Sunil Kappettu abuses SI during idol immersion

Udupi: At a Ganesha idol immersion in Brahmagiri, chaos erupted and an office bearer of the Ganeshotsava Samithi tried to attack a policeman on September 9.

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According to the sources, the Sarvajanika Ganesha Utsava Samithi installed a Ganesha Idol in Brahmagiri on September 5. On September 9 was the last day programme. The organizers held a Gurukiran musical night during the immersion of Ganesha Idol. At the same time, Ganesha Idol immersion procession was also held. While the Udupi Police were controlling the Traffic, a Gypsy vehicle of Sunil Kumar Kappettu who is the office bearer of the Ganeshotsava Samithi parked his vehicle in the middle of the road. Ananthapadmanaba SI of the Town police station asked Sunil to remove his vehicle from the road. Losing control Sunil Kumar pushed the SI and used foul language. Immediately local social activist Krishnamoorthi Acharya intervened and brought the situation under control.

The policemen who were maintaining the law and order during the immersion rally upset by the incident stopped controlling the traffic. The Local leaders then convinced the police and apologized for the incident after which the Police continued their duty.

No Complaint was registered in this regard.


  1. This character should have been charged with assault for pushing police official. There are only two possible reasons for his obnoxious behavior – Either Alcohol consumption or extreme arrogance. Either way, he deserves no sympathies and he should have been taught a lesson.

  2. Taking Law in their hands & assaulting Police on duty is surely a crime. Concerned civilian should be taken to law, so that these incidents do not reoccur. Leave our Police Force to discharge their duty, hope our people understand this. What we observe is these organizers collect donations and spend on functions, but spend on Alcohol as well. That should be stopped.!!

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