Garner visits children’s hospital for a movie

Los Angeles, June 28 (IANS) Actress Jennifer Garner made a quick trip to Boston to visit the Boston Children’s Hospital to do research for her upcoming role in “Miracles from Heaven”.

The 43-year-old met Samuel Nurko, the director of the hospital’s Center for Motility and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders. The two snapped a picture together that the hospital posted on Twitter, thanking the wife of actor Ben Affleck for stopping by, reports

“A BIG thank you to Jennifer Garner for stopping by to meet with Dr. Nurko to do research for an upcoming movie role!”

“Miracles from Heaven” tells the story of a young girl suffering from a rare digestive disorder who finds herself miraculously cured after surviving a horrible accident. The movie is based on the book “Miracles from Heaven” by Christy Beam and is currently in pre-production.


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