German inputs for India’s elite football coaches

Margao, June 21 (IANS) The All India Football Federation (AIFF) is conducting a coaching elite course here to help India’s ‘A’ licensed 31 premier coaches gain an insight into the success of the 2014 World Cup-winning German team.

The course, which kicked-off on last Thursday here and will continue till Monday, has a German Football Association (DFB) technical member as the instructor.

A list of 31 coaches from various professional clubs have turned up for the course on invitation by the AIFF and notable names among them are Savio Medeira, Derrick Perreira, Armando Colaco, Sanjay Sen, Santosh Kashyap and Thangboi Singto.

“It is important for the participants to put into practice what they had picked up be useful for their players and add value during their sessions. The participants are being refreshed with the new trends and the value of working in small groups,” Figge said in a release on Sunday.

“The emphasis on details and elements in professional football is being stressed upon. Today players are expecting the best practices from their coaches. The players are expecting more than just coaching.”

“They also want to be well managed, looked after, cared for, and respected. It is demanding of the coaches. It means thoughtful planning, well designed sessions, resources available for recovery and rehabilitation, motivating them throughout the season, etc,” he added.

Figge said he is also sharing some of the expertise that helped Germany become world champions last year.

“Coaching certificates alone might not be enough. The coaches are being given an insight into the success of the German team during the World Cup 2014. The investment and foresight with strong leadership is paying dividends,” he said.

Referring to a query as to how the participants have responded, Figge certified that the positive attitude has impressed him.

“I was informed that they are the ‘cream of the crop’ and are actively involved in day to day coaching. The successful coach this year, Sanjoy Sen is here to learn. This is indeed a good sign. The evolution of football has made coaching a continuing learning experience,” Figge concluded.

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