Giant dinosaur tracks found in Germany

Berlin, Aug 20 (IANS) Researchers say they had discovered more than 90 dinosaur footprints in a quarry outside the German city of Hannover.

The scientists said the tracks belonged to a long-necked dinosaur and are believed to be between 135 and 145 million years old, from the Cretaceous period, The Local news portal reported.

They measure about 1.20 metres in diametre and stretch over 50 metres.

“What is special about the tracks is that they go along for a long distance and then the dinosaur makes a sharp turn – that is exceptional,” said excavation director Benjamin Englich.

He added that the footprints were “astonishingly deep”, measuring 43 centimetres into the ground.

The paleontologists estimate that the dinosaur would have weighed between 25 and 30 tonnes and had a long neck.

“The foot-shape and type of step taken is very typical for long-necked dinosaurs. They left behind elephant-like footprints,” Englich said.

According to the researchers, when the dinosaurs roamed during this time, the area had a tropical to subtropical climate.

There was probably a huge lagoon area with numerous islands at that time and the long-necked dinosaur would have roamed around from island to island through the shallow water, looking for food, they added.

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