Glass Paintings: Straight From The Heart

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I believe that Art is the voice of the soul. I worship my God through my art. Inspired by traditional Christian art and the fading majesty of catholic icons, I was drown to rediscover the love and reverence that goes behind making such religious icons. I have received no formal training, but this is the work of pure divine inspiration, religious love and self-development.


Materials Required:

  • Glass-pane (2 ? 4mm) (available at any frame shop)
  • Glass liner (Black, Transparent, Gold , Silver, Bronze)
  • Glass Paints (solvent based)
  • Turpentine
  • Paintbrush
  • Small glass bowl (to clean brush)
  • Colour Palette
  • A sketch for outline
  • Clipboard


Step 1: Selection of drawing:

  • You can either draw a sketch or used any picture from a postcard or religious books.
  • Photocopy the picture with appropriate enlargements to the desired size. (Note: once the pictures are in black&white, the images can be easily outlined)

Step 2: Selection of glass

  • Get an appropriately cut glass piece and use transparent cellotapes to cover the edges (to prevent cutting you fingers on the glass). The tape can be painted over.
  • Using a clipboard adjust the picture under the glass. You can also tape it into place.  


Step 3: Outlining

  • Using the desired outliners, you can outline the shapes. Please do remember that you are trying to re-create a stained glass look, so try to keep the logic of glass shapes (geometric) in mind when you outline.


Step 4: Filling in paints

  • Using a paintbrush, fill in the desired paints in layers.
  • Leave to dry

Step 5: Optional Accessories

  • Jewellery Stones, Glitter, silver foil.

Step 6: Framing

  • Double frame the glass template with a background of your choice.
  • Use Silver foil behind the glass to reflect light and enhance the colours.

Dr. Jason Furtado M.P.T(Aus), Bangalore

Author: Dr. Jason Furtado M.P.T(Aus)

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