Goa bankrupt like Greece: Congress

Panaji, (IANS) The Congress in Goa on Monday likened the state’s public debt to nearly bankrupt Greece, claiming the BJP-led government was only adding to fiscal woes with unrestrained funding.

“Goa is heading the Greece way as far as debt is concerned and the government does not appear to be doing much to help the situation. Goa’s public debt stands at Rs.13,900 crore. It amounts to almost Rs.93,000 per head,” state Congress president Luizinho Faleiro said at a press conference in Panaji.

Faleiro said that despite the mounting debt, the Bharatiya Janata Party-led state government was splurging money on foreign junkets and revenue-intensive projects.

“This reckless spending must be stopped if Goa is to be saved from a debt trap,” he said.

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