Goa: ISIS letter threatens to kill Modi, Parrikar

Panaji (PTI): An anonymous letter purportedly signed by ISIS has threatened to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar.

Goa Police have circulated this letter to all the police stations in the state and handed over the case to the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS).


The postcard threat letter was received at the State Secretariat last week following which Goa Police swung into action, a senior police official said today.

“All the agencies of state police are investigating this letter. We will soon be able to find the source of it,” the police official said.

“ISIS was written at the bottom of the postcard,” the official confirmed.
The letter has expressed anger over ban on cow slaughter in the country.

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  1. “ISIS was written at the bottom of the postcard,” the official confirmed.-Report.

    Dear readers,

    This postcard bomb seems like inside work to malign Islam and Muslims of India as an anti nationals.It is Al Qaida fear in the past played now ISIS has emerged.It is nothing but taking advantage into the current crisis in the Middle East for political gain to divert the attention from existing problems facing the country.

    Each postcard has stamp from collection center and disposal center before it is delivered to the recipient. I don’t think it is not difficult for our intelligence to track it.

    As expected our mass media will make hallabullah and self investigations even before our intelligence begins.Whereas our selective mass media like Times-Now and CNN-IBN will live telecast shots from syria to link Pathankot and quickly withdraw.

    Jai Hind

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