Good News for Pet Owners! A Rs 2.10 Cr High-Tech Vet Polyclinic to come up in City Soon


Good News for Pet Owners! A Rs 2.10 Cr High-Tech Vet Polyclinic to come up in City Soon

Mangaluru: This morning when I took my two Daschunds for injection/health check-up, Dr Raghuram Bhat, the Deputy Director, Polyclinic at the Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Jail Road, Mangaluru said, “I have good news for you. Very soon a high-tech veterinary polyclinic will come up in this location, which will be constructed at a cost of Rs 2.10 crore”. Wow, that was indeed good news for me, and probably it is, to many other pet owners in the City who have been looking forward to an affordable vet clinic in Mangaluru.

Having four breed dogs- two Daschunds (Oobama and Trumpu) , one Labrador/Sishtsu mix (Booshu) , and a Cocker Spaniel (Clintoon), I had spent a fortune at the private vet clinics for many years for their treatment/health issues, until one day I decided to take them to the local Govt vet clinic on Jail Road, Mangaluru- and I found that the care and treatment was not much different from the private vet clinics, and the best part was that it was way CHEAPER than you pay for services/medicines at a private vet. And when it comes to friendly service and taking good care of the pets, Dr Raghuram Bhat, Dr Indira Bai- Vet Officer and Nagaraj-FS Assistant are great people to be praised and complimented.

This new Vet Clinic will be set up with the orders from the government, that a sophisticated veterinary polyclinic should be set up at the vacant land adjacent to the present govt vet clinic. The decision was also taken by the govt due to the demands of the growing urban landscape where a large number of citizens have been increasingly taking to owning a range of pet animals and livestock for varied reasons. The high-tech vet will be built on an 820 sq mt area located on Jail Road at a cost of Rs 2.10 crore, and the construction is in process.

Even though the present Govt vet clinic exists in the same location where the new vet will be set up, but the govt officials felt that there was a long-pending need for a multidisciplinary polyclinic since the existing animal care centers lack necessary infrastructure to cater to the growing demands of the wide range of pet and domestic animals. Eight sheds in this existing govt vet clinic have already been demolished to make way for the high-tech polyclinic.

The upcoming high-tech vet polyclinic will have X-Ray and scanning facilities in addition to separate operation theatres for small and big animals. A clinical diagnostic laboratory, an inpatient ward, a storeroom and a reception counter are among the many features of the upcoming new facility. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Dr Raghuram Bhat said, “The govt has already approved to have an X-Ray technician, a first grade assistant, and D grade workers for the new clinic, and these posts will be filled when the building is completed”.

“Yet another specialty of the new polyclinic will be that it will have specialists such as surgeons and Gynaecologists, in addition to state-of-the-art facilities for the animal health care. In a first of its kind, referral clinics will also be launched in the district, where under this concept, the district polyclinic will get a vehicle to transport specialist doctors to reach out to injured animals to facilitate treatment on the spot, rather than wasting time in taking them to to the vet clinic” added Dr Raghuram Bhat.