GoPro falls into pit of rattlesnakes, video goes viral

GRASS RANGE, Mont:  A close-up video of rattlesnakes, captured by Michael Delaney, is doing rounds online.


Michael was using a GoPro to capture a pit of rattlesnakes. The GoPro fell right into the pit of snakes after one of the snakes struck the camera.

At first, the snakes are seen checking out the camera. But, after some time, they become irritated and hit the camera.

Michael posted the video on Facebook and wrote: “Just got some great rattlesnake footage, the GoPro was knocked off the stick from a snake striking it and landed in a ball of snakes. Fished it out with a hockey stick, just got done cleaning the venom off my GoPro.”

The video has gone viral. It has been viewed by nearly 2 million people in just six days.

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