Govt committed to building Ram Temple at Ayodhya

Bulandshahr (UP) (PTI): Union Minister Mahesh Sharma has said that his government is committed to building the Ram Temple at Ayodhya but would wait for the Supreme Court verdict or arrive at a “mutual understanding” on constructing the temple.


He said it is the “dream” of the people of the country that Ram Mandir is built as early as possible.

“Our party and government have already given their mandate on this issue. We want to build Ram Mandir but we will either follow the Supreme Court’s order or would come at a common conclusion about constructing the Mandir. This is why it is taking time,” he said while speaking at a function here yesterday.

“BJP is committed to build Ram Temple and even the people of the country want that the Ram Temple should be established. But the issue is pending in court,” he said.

With his remarks sparking a controversy, Sharma later stressed that senior party leaders will take a decision on the issue.

“Till an order is issued or mutual understanding arrived at, BJP should follow the situation and even I am not authorised to speak on this topic. Our senior party leader or government will take decision,” he said.

The Minister also said that a grand museum is being constructed in Ayodhya.

“A grand museum is being constructed in Ayodhya. The Centre has given its nod to a Rs 170 crore Ram Van Gaman Path project which will depict Lord Rama’s ideals,” he said.
Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi stressed the Ram Mandir issue is in court.

“The Ram Mandir issue is in court. Steps will be taken on the direction of the court and this is a non-political issue,” he said


  1. The BJP just to come into power used Hinduism and Ram Temple as spade cards; but as promised, the Ram Temple construction issue can be turned as a very critical trap at this time even with the Supreme Court’s decision favoring that.

    Why did the BJP promise the Ram Temple construction? Is it a democratic Government in promoting certain religion? It seems like the spade cards are turning like black cards now for the BJP Government.

  2. Govt committed to building Ram Temple at Ayodhya-Reports

    Dear readers,

    So one more wave of bloodshed is expected after PM Modi wave? As long as it remains part of BJP manifesto Lord Rama will exploited for political vengeance.

    What happened to PM Modi’s golden words ‘Toilets before temple’? Will those bricks collected in the past and present will be used to construct ‘Toilets’,Nearly half of India’s 1.2 billion people have no toilet at home, but more people own a mobile phone, according to the latest census data.

    Jai Hind

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