Govt Should Formulate Effective Policy for Varahi Project – Pratap

Govt should formulate effective policy to complete Varahi project Pratap Chandra Shetty

Kundapur: The Government of Karnataka should formulate an effective policy to complete the Varahi Irrigation Project said MLC Pratap Chandra Shetty. He was speaking at a meeting held by the District Farmers Association to discuss on the Varahi Irrigation Project at Sathyagraha Circle, Siddapur here on April 30.

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The interest of the farmers should be facilitated instead of the power production units, a effective policy in this regard should be formulated. The irrigation project is completing 36 years, the government should now aim to complete the project. There are complaints that water is not been supplied through canals from 15 days, such complaints should be solved immediately as agriculture will be affected.

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The Kumki land is a special privilege given to farmers, government of Karnataka should formulate a policy to support the farmers. Confusion prevails among people regarding 9/11. Government should issue written 9/11 in gram panchayats which will ease the process. The deemed forest issue is creating problems for the farmers, this issue should also be addressed.

The multi-village drinking water scheme seems to be failing, if water can be given to faraway districts from Yettinahole why can’t water from the Varahi be given to people. The Paschimavahini project will increase water levels in the wells and ponds. The Varahi Irrigation Project has filled new confidence among the people that plenty of water will be available for the irrigation of land.

The administration has to effectively address the issues of sand mining. Sand is available in abundance in our region. Title deeds issued to 2000 families are pending, title deeds should be issued to the people, he added.

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