Grape Crush


This is a tasty dessert recipe that is very easy to prepare.  It’s very cool and refreshing and is a favourite with kids.  It can also be served in balloon glasses topped with fruits and nuts.



Double boil half a kg of purple grapes with 1/2 cup water in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes.

Let it cool. Then strain the juice out of the boiled grapes with a strainer.

Measure the juice. For two portions add 1 portion of water. (If you have 2cups of juice add 1 cup of water).  Add sugar, approximately 250 grams or till the grape mixture is sweet enough.


Double boil two tablespoons of gelatin and add it to the grape mixture when it?s still hot.
Let the mixture cool down and refrigerate till the Grape Crush sets like jelly.

Top up with fresh cream and serve.  You can also garnish with nuts or other fruits as desired.

Author: Sheela DSouza- Mangalore- India