Gujarati delicacies with home cooked quality


After a disaster last week, the 3 hungry men were in no mood for any sort of risks this week! Therefore following a tip off we decided to  visit the home of Ms.Madhavi Sheth! According to sources she makes the best Homemade Gujarat food in Mangalore! So nonetheless we had to put it to the test.
So we popped in at her house on Saturday evening with our ever hungry stomachs! She welcomed us with her lovely smile! As we sat down Ms. Madhavi explained to us that she was in Mangalore since last 15years! The spotless facial complexion and the moon-like shine on her face proved that she was a hardcore vegetarian Gujarati and she couldn?t live without her local Gujju food! She further went on saying that till date she never found a place serving decent Gujarati food, despite the large Gujarati population in Mangalore. So she felt the need of starting something that would help society and other Gujarati food lovers as well! That gave birth to her kitchen where she cooks authentic Gujarati food!
Madhavi has an extensive Gujarati and North Indian food menu, which she prepares at her residence herself! Everything from Dhoklas to theplas and Khandvi?s, even snack items like cheese sev, The Gujarati Samosa and sweet Items like Ghugra etc!





Listening to this our mouths had already started watering. So we put Madhavi?s cooking to the test! She warned us that once we tasted it we would never stop coming back to her! We asked her to give us her best shot!
The game began with one of the best Dhokla?s we?ve ever eaten! It was made just perfectly! Served along with the authentic green chutney! She had stolen not only our stomachs but our hearts too!
Unexpectedly the second dish came along, the authentic Gujarati  Methi Garlic Thepla?s served with Khamand (sweet pickle)!The 3 hungry Men where just enjoying the Thepla Competition, where Madhavi would look at us and go on our size and say just one more Thepla , they were so soft and spiced to perfection, we just couldn?t get enough of this dish! And found that each one of us had more than 5 Thepla?s each
Last but not the least was another authentic Gujarat Dish ?Ghugra? was served to us, these are miniature semi circle sweets made from suji and filled with cashewnuts and raisins! The Ghugras were the awesome finish we were looking for!
Madhavi takes all kinds of bulk orders for all occasion and even personal orders. She claims that she has never said NO to anyone who has ordered from her till date! And we believe her! But she only asks for the orders to be made 24 hours in advance!
The 3 hungry men strongly advice everyone to try out Mrs. Madhavi?s Gujarati food! Its pure awesomeness!! U will never stop going back to her for these Gujarati delights.
Here are the 3 hungry men?s ratings!
Food: 9/10
Service: 7.5/10
Value for money: 7/10
Location: 8/10
To know more about placing orders and detailed information about the menu, Please contact Madhavi on 9481017561

Author: Colin DSouza- Nikhil Pai- Rajat R