Gusty Winds damage property, Sorake Distributes immediate Compensation

Gusty winds damage property, Sorake distributes immediate compensation

Udupi: Former Minister and Kaup Constituency MLA, Vinay Kumar Sorake distributed Rs 9.68 lakh to the victims whose houses were damaged due to the heavy winds that blew in Hiriadka region here, on Sunday, July 3.

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Sorake, who paid a visit to the houses affected by heavy winds and rains, directed the Revenue Department officials to release relief to the families. An official of the Revenue Department, in the presence of Vinay Kumar Sorake, distributed temporary relief to the families.

Rs 5.35 lakh was given to the families whose houses were fully damaged, Rs 3.1 lakh was given to the families whose houses were partially damaged and Rs 1.23 lakh was given to the families from three Panchayats. The relief amount was provided within 12 hrs to the victims.

Tahsildar Guruprasad and his team visited the families affected in the Taluk Panchayat and handed over the relief amount to them.

The houses of Shantha Sherigarthi, Shakuntala Sherigarthi, Veena Acharya, Gulabi Shetty, Ragahvendra Nayak, Gopal Shetty and Shrinivas were severely damaged.

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TP President Nalini Pradeep, ZP President Dinker Babu, ZP CEO Priyanka Mary Francis, Bramhavar Special Tahsildar Tippeswamy, RI Bramhavar Shivaram, Udupi RI Devendra Nayak, Udupi TP EO Sheshappa, Hiriadka PSI Vinayak Billava, Bommarbettu GP President Malathi Acharya, TP Member Lakshminarayan Prabhu, GP member Chandrika and others also visited the families along with Vinay Kumar Sorake.

Later, Revenue Department officials set up a temporary revenue department office in Hiriadka to assist the families of those whose houses were damaged.

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