Guyana government refusing to pay CPL $500,000

St. George’s (Grenada), July 10 (IANS) The Guyana government says it will not pay $500,000 dollars to the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) organisers until it sees a contract with details of work done.

Finance Minister Winston Jordan on Thursday confirmed that his government has received an invoice reflecting the amount to be paid to CPL. Jordan also disclosed that CPL was threatening legal action if the money was not paid, reports CMC.

“I have no intentions of paying it, not until I see a contract and see who signed off on it and so forth. I just can’t pay out money like that. There has been no contract, nothing at all, yet they’ve submitted an invoice and are now threatening legal action,” Jordan said.

The minister says although the invoices presented were signed by an overseas agent linked with CPL, there is no clear indication as to who reportedly contracted CPL services.

“I’m not paying it unless I see substantial evidence that there was a contract signed for services, that the services were performed and that the services were performed satisfactorily. Whoever contracted them has to know where they are getting the money from,” said Jordan.

Guyana is down to host the next phase of CPL matches from July 15.


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