Handbook on Workplace Diplomacy


The trends at workplace today are rapidly changing. It is becoming equally a home, a classroom and a facebook page. People are getting to know both the professional side as well as the personal side of the person because of the digital times in which we live. Informal conversations, petty gossips, class jealousy move in a vicious circle at workplace and with the people we apparently think we are comfortable with. Honey trapping is increasing and people get trapped with a sweet smile. Safeguarding reputation, negotiating smartly and not annoying the other person becomes the quintessence of today’s workplace culture.

How much is too much to protect privacy and to prod you to personal growth will be taught to you in the book in the 17 steps to workplace diplomacy.

Remember the steps as golden rules and have it pasted on your walls or keep it near your desk everyday. Flip through the steps to attain mastery over work diplomacy.


This handbook is a must read for every office goer whether in a corporate set up, in healthcare, in the IT sector or in the Management domain. It is cutting across all domains of workplace and unpacks work ecosystems into human interaction.

Workplace should make everyone happy. High class office politics exist everywhere, and you cannot remain neutral in a world that demands answers from you. How do you standardize your statement so that if you are ever being recorded or quoted, you are still right? This requires practice and it will come only by remembering these golden 17 points and implementing them in your everyday life.

Dr Simona Marinescu, UNDP Chief Development Impact in her personal capacity, while writing the foreword to Dr Edmond’s Handbook on workplace diplomacy says, Managing what we are outside our family and circle of friends is a lifelong test of maturity and of self transformation. Handbook on workplace diplomacy is a guide for a wise approach to work and social life and a recipe for an optimal mix of energies and attitudes in nay human environment in which we want to be perceived as emotionally intelligent co-workers and great leaders.”

Farhaad Yenepoya in his message states, “Creating Healthy work environment is the starting step for professional excellence.”

Dr Edmond’s Handbook on Workplace diplomacy is published by Yenepoya Printers and Publishers and holds ISBN No :

While flipping through the 76 page handbook, Dr Edmond has made diplomatically speaking observations on various issues like “Gender Violence, Hypocrites at workplace, on euthanasia, on Gay rights, Social Justice, Media, Religion, on politics and Indian Politicians and education and few others.

There have been illustrations which have been drawn by Delma Dcunha, a final year MBBS student to echo the golden rules on workplace diplomacy.

In Conclusion,

As Dr Shashi Tharoor, Member of Parliament and Former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations observes in the blurb on the back cover page of the book, “An Honest, unpretentious guide to diplomacy at the workplace which marries Machiavelli with common sense to help you reach your fullest potential in the smartest, most effective fashion while competition drops by the wayside.

Lastly, Dr S Y Quraishi, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India also states that, Dr Edmond’s book is “a useful survival guide at the workplace” so be it. The book is available on amazon.in and other leading book stores across the country. The distribution is being done across India by Prism Books Pvt Ltd.

About the Author:

Dr Edmond Fernandes is a Public Health Doctor and Author who is associated with several International organizations. His core focus area is on Mainstreaming Disaster Resilience, road safety and sustainable development. He can be followed on www.edmond.in

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