Happy Birthday-Praveen Kumar Shetty

Happy Birthday


CA Praveen Kumar Shetty

“Yours is a special day that comes once every four years
It brings lots of smiles and never any tears
Thousands of people all over the world
Wait for this day, including you, special Birthday Boy!
Leap Day brings for those chosen few
Something special, mysterious, and new
Everyone else gets older in time
Leaplings stay forever young waiting for February 29
So Praveen, We hope you can see
How special being a Leapy can be
Every four years that all Leapies celebrate
Because all of you Leapies are really great.”

Hap..Hap..Happy Birthday and Many Happy Returns of the day in 4 Years –

Fond Wishes from :

Deepak Hegde
Chittaranjan Rai
Dr Kiran Shetty
Sunil MR
Rakesh M
Sanjay M
Kethan Vasani
CA Raghuchandra Shetty
CA Dayasharan Shetty
Devanna Shetty
Naveen Rodrigues

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