Happy Birthday Prof Flossy Rayappan

Happy Birthday Prof Flossy Rayappan


Dear Flossy Mam

Some teachers just preach
But the good ones like you teach
Some teachers just faff
But witty ones like you make us laugh
Some teachers just want to control
You give us the freedom to choose our goals
Some teachers believe only in punishment
But you never compromise on enjoyment
Some teachers are totally forgettable
But awesome ones like you are very special

Learning is fun, because of you
Coming to College, doesn’t make us blue
Your teaching makes, every day seem new
This is not flattery, it is respect, so true

Commitment, determination, and patience
Are the virtues of teachers like you.
Naughtiness, rebellion, and impatience
Are the virtues of students like us.
We are glad we have you in our lives.
Happy birthday to our dearest Teacher.

Wishes from 
Students of Roshni Nilaya
School of Social Work

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Janet suares

Dear Ms Rayappan,

Wishing you a very happy birthday.

Rayappo Happy birthday!