Haryana minister walks out after spat with woman SP

Chandigarh (DHNS): Chandigarh: Motormouth Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij on Friday lost his cool and publicly asked Fatehabad (Haryana) superintendent of police (SP) Sangeeta Kalia to “get out” midway through the meeting that was chaired by him.

The SP who stuck to her stand declined to oblige the minister and refused to leave the meeting venue. An embarrassed Vij in retaliation left the meeting in a huff while the SP kept sitting on the chair right next to the ministers.


Officials and his staff tried to pacify the minster but to no avail. In fact, when the SP refused to go out of the hall, Vij asked many of his well wishers in the audience to get up and walk out.

A video clip of the high drama that took place during the district grievance committee meeting in Fatehabad district of Haryana has also gone viral.

Illegal liquor

The minister and the SP crossed swords over the issue of sale of illegal liquor in the district. The SP confronted the ministers assertions on police involvement and laxity. In fact, the SP stuck to her guns and asked the minster to take his words back.

Vij said he would write about all this to the chief minister.

The minister later said he will take up this matter with chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar.

During some meetings in the past also, he said, he had warned the SP to work properly. “I will not attend the meeting of the grievances’ committee till SP Kalia is here,” he said. Representatives of the Saheed Bhagat Singh Naujawan Sabha, an NGO, had informed Vij that the illegal selling of alcohol was rampant in Ratia area, which also shared it boundaries with Punjab.


  1. Is he a swami or Priest? Foreign countries must enlist the State of Haryana as a dangerous place to travel. If caught for eating mutton or buffalo meat, the innocent person can be beaten by the street goons and possible jail term until proven innocent. Haryana is a rich State of India but the BJP Government will create more problems for the State.

  2. After watching the entire video and background, it is clear that both parties made mistakes – it looked more like an ego clash than anything. This lady was aggressive with NGO for bringing up illegal drug trade in the area. At the same time, this minister could have handled it better and deescalated the situation. The shouting and talking over each other shows lack of emotional control by both parties!

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