Hassan: Bears Attack and Injure Three Villagers in Arsikere Taluk

Hassan: Villagers living in the districts of the state located on either side of the western ghats have to contend with the visitors from the wild very often.

All this time, reports of wild elephants, tigers and leopards were being heard. Lately bears too have joined the list of wild animals straying into the human areas.

In two separate instances, three persons have been injured as a result of bear attacks earlier this week.

When Suresh (45) of J C Pura of Arsikere taluk worked in his farm around 7 am, a bear appeared and suddenly attacked him. He sustained injuries in his hand, back and abdomen areas.

In another incident, around 9 am, a bear attacked Narasimhaswamy (25) of Melenahalli in the same taluk and injured him in the back. Soon thereafter, it attacked Dastagir (45), who got injured in the neck and cheek.

They could be two different animals, since the two incidents took place quite away from each other, said the villagers.

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