Hassan Mangalore Railway line


At the outset I would like to convey my congratultion for the excellent nd coverage and follow up done by your staff in persuading the Air India express to start the first International Flight to Mangalore airport

Now I feel your Internetedition should start the follow up action to ensure that the Hassan Mangalore Section railway line is opened for the passenger service at the earliest. There are plenty of excuse coming out to defer the opening this line for general public. I personally feel a transport lobby is working over time to ensure the indefinate delay in opening of this route. As of today more than 300 night buses are operating between Mangalore and Bangalore, once this rail route is opened they are the biggest loser.

So please start a campaign on a daily basis, involve the common man and see that the railway line is opened for traffic at the earliest

Author: Ravi Shankar Alva- UAE