HC allows NRI transgender to return to US

New Delhi, Oct 5 (IANS) The Delhi High Court on Monday allowed a 19-year-old transgender NRI, brought to India by her parents to be “reformed”, to return to the US to pursue a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology from a university in California.

The teenager, who identifies as a male, had moved the high court after her father, an “influential businessman” with “deep roots in Uttar Pradesh” had “activated the state machinery” to deprive her of her “fundamental rights to life, liberty and education” by trying to coerce her to get married to a man of their choice.

On September 22, Justice Siddharth Mridul had given her Delhi Police protection. Her parents on Monday assured the court that they would continue to finance her education for the next three years as long as she pursues her bachelor’s degree in neurobiology.

In addition to tuition fees, they will also provide $500 per month for personal expenses.

Her parents, who were present during the proceedings, also gave her $300 and Rs.10,000 in the court.

“The transgenders have right to dignity and self determination. The time has come for us to mainstream transgender community,” said the court.

The court termed her “braveheart” as she was cornered by her parents here and left with no option, she sought help from the National Centre for Lesbian Rights in the US which put her in touch with LGBT activists in India and NGO ‘Nazariya’.

On September 10, she left Agra, where she was admitted in a college by her parents, and came to Delhi with the help of the activists of the NGO that works for the rights of transgenders.

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