Heat-stroke Claims First Casualty in DK – Senior Citizen Dies in Kadaba

Puttur: Atmospheric temperature in the district has been rising to alarming levels during the past few days. Delay in the monsoons too is worsening the situation. Signs of serious shortage of water are also looming large.

There have been reports of heat burns sustained by some people here and there. But, for the first time, a death caused by sunstroke has been reported from Muliya in Kodimbala village in the taluk.


Dinda Gowda (68) was alone at home when the rest of the members of the family went on a visit to Dharmasthala. Feeling bored at home, he thought of taking a walk to the Kadaba town.

Apparently, he suffered heat-stroke and was found having fallen on the road. Passersby called the 108 ambulance. He was already found having died and ants had already begun moving on his body.

He was taken in the ambulance to the community health centre in Kadaba. The doctors said that since he was a diabetic, he might have suffered a heart attack.

He is survived by wife, a son and two daughters.

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