Heels in a club is ‘my idea of hell’: Suki Waterhouse

Los Angeles, Nov 19 (IANS) Model-actress Suki Waterhouse says she doesn’t mind going to a club in trainers because heels aren’t just her thing.

“It’s my idea of hell wearing heels to a club; I don’t see why anyone would,” Waterhouse told people.com.

“If you’ve got a great pair of heels and you can dance it’s fine. But for me, I don’t want to stand around the table, I want to go onto the floor and just like, be going mad. And I’m in my trainers and a little dress or something,” she added.

She considers high heels is a bad look for herself as she also can’t “understand” the style. She also thinks that supermodels are incapable of pulling them off.

“I think people want to be sexy, people want to look good. But you look good if you’re comfortable. I want to shimmy across the floor and I can’t do that in, like, a bandage dress and heels, so I don’t really get that kind of style. You could be the most gorgeous girl, but I don’t think they look good,” she said.

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