‘Highest unemployment among Christians;least in Hindus, Sikhs’

530096_thumpNew Delhi (PTI): Highest incidence of joblessness was witnessed among Christians in cities as well as in rural area while Hindus and Sikhs reported least unemployment in urban and rural areas, says a government report.

“Among the specific religious groups, unemployment rate in both rural and urban areas was the highest for Christians (4.5 per cent in rural areas and 5.9 per cent in urban areas) and lowest for Sikhs in rural areas (1.3 per cent) and Hindus in urban areas (3.3 per cent),” said a report based on National Sample Survey 68th Round from July 2011 to June 2012.

According to the study titled ‘Employment and Unemployment Situation Among Major Religious Group in India’, among the specific religious groups, for males in rural areas, worker population ratio (WPR) was the highest for Sikhs (56.9 per cent) and in urban areas, it was the highest for Hindus (55 per cent).

For females in both rural and urban areas, WPR was the highest for Christians (28.4 per cent in rural areas and 25.2 per cent in urban areas).

In both rural and urban areas for both males and females, WPR was the lowest for Muslims (49.9 per cent for rural males, 15.3 per cent for rural females, 53.2 per cent for urban males and 10.5 per cent for urban females).

It said in terms of specific religious groups, among males in both rural and urban areas, Labour Force Participation Rate (LFPR) was the highest for Sikhs (57.6 per cent in rural areas and 56.8 per cent in urban areas).

For females in both rural and urban areas, LFPR was the highest for Christians (30.4 per cent in rural areas and 27.7 per cent in urban areas).

In both rural and urban areas for both males and females LFPR was the lowest for Muslims (51.1 per cent for rural males, 15.9 per cent for rural females, 55.3 per cent for urban males and 10.9 per cent for urban females).

Among persons of age 15 years and above, proportion of non-literates was the lowest for Christians (14.6 per cent for rural males, 23.7 per cent for rural females, 5.7 per cent for urban males and 9 per cent for urban females).

Proportion of persons of age 15 years and above with educational level secondary and above was the highest for Christians in rural areas for both males and females (36.3 per cent for rural males and 31.1 per cent for rural females) and for females in urban areas (62.7 per cent) whereas for males in urban areas it was the highest among Sikhs (67.6 per cent).

Among persons of age 0-29 years, for major religious groups, current attendance rate in educational institutions was the highest for Christians (58.5 per cent for rural males, 51.7 per cent for rural females, 61.5 per cent for urban males and 56.8 per cent for urban females).

Among persons of age 0-29 years, for major religious groups, current attendance rate in educational institutions was the lowest among Muslims (48.7 per cent for rural males, 42.1 per cent for rural females, 47 per cent for urban males and 46.3 per cent for urban females).

The survey was spread over 12,737 first stage units (7,469 villages and 5,268 urban blocks) covering 1,01,724 households (59,700 in rural areas and 42,024 in urban areas) and enumerating 4,56,999 persons (2,80,763 in rural areas and 1,76,236 in urban areas).


    • drona, you are one of the spokespersons of the BJP; now you have the obligation to explain, what the Christians are doing specifically touching the high unemployment condition of the Christians in India? There are a few in the BJP as spokespersons like Sriman Reddy from Andhra-Srimiti Irani-Assam Governor and the CM of Haryana touching different subject. Now, you are assigned to be spokesperson of the minorities, especially of the least employed Christians. Good luck in your new post.

      • Spokesperson of BJP as per 1:5

        Sorry to disappoint you brother Mathew. No such ambitions. I reserve my right to comment on any issue without any favor or fear.
        Prince Pappu and gang are busy trying to destabilise the govt of the day. What do you expect from a poor product of the over rated family?

        India needs Modi for many more years to make any tangible progress.

        • Mr. Drona,

          After all that I have said, if you are still convinced that Narendra Modi, of RSS, is the right man, so be it.

          I feel that Congress and BJP are both evils and the electorate has no options? They just cannot opt for any regionall communal, religious and champa, chameli and raswanti parties.

  1. It is an open truth that being a Christian in India, in a so called secular-democratic country has to be faced with many challenges; they are somewhat discriminated and marginalized. A good friend of mine in the school and college days who was from the Dalit background, but his family was converted to Christianity years back through the ministry of the Church of South India. Based on reservation status he was qualified to get a job as a police Sub Inspector, but his Christian name put him into a trap, so he had to change the name to get the job.

    Even the former Governments of India didn’t do the right thing to disconnect religious affiliation from the reservation manifesto. If a poor person is changing his or her religion to Christian faith to escape the torment of discrimination or through spiritual conviction, why their reservation status is erased? The politicians of all political parties when invited for meetings of various Christian denominations, all of them have a prepared text to deliver, about the great service undertaken by the minority Christian community of India in education and healthcare; after the colorful and emotional speech, while they sit down at the seats of power, they have a different action to discriminate them.

    • Mr. A.S. Mathew,

      Kindly understand that if you were to compare American politicians (or other politicians of highly advanced economies or economies enjoying high standards of living, including small places like Luxembourg and Liechtenstein) with Indian politicians, it is like comparing cheese with chalk.

      Who are to be blamed for producing and electing such politicians who come once in five years at your doors with folded arms begging for your votes? Obviously, it is the people. They should be assertive and should dictate which candidate should stand for elections (and not rapists, thieves, goons, fraudsters, scamsters, illiterates, etc.), who shoud be told to vanish through the narrow lanes and not to be seen around or anywhere. In Indian if a father, mother, uncle, aunty or ganty is a politician, then it is a birthright for everyone in the family to enter politics. Take an I.Q. test of most Indian politicians and see how they fare? Why do they not have educational and age barriers? Moreover, highly qualified bureaucrafts are working in government departments, bearing their professional and political masters insults and everything and helping them to line their pockets and, in turn, they too line their pockets. Once they retire, one can see on display their wealth and assets, not earned through the sweat of their brow, but through bribes, accepting the monthly envelopes, etc.

      Jawaharlal Nehru, when he became the Prime Minister should have had the vision to make every countrymen to think as Indians and not by religion, caste, creed, sect, etc. Today, politicians are using these issues as vote bank politics. Economically weaker sections of the society (regardless of religion) can be helped by the govenments through monetary aids to live above the poverty line, education for smart kids in schools and colleges (with riders), etc. Just because somebody is B.C., O.B.C., etc., government is indulging in vote bank politics by reserving quotas everywhere. Due to governments’ help certain people from lower castes have become bureaucrafts, but there is a saying, “Old habits, die hard.” These bureaucrats have paan, chew tobacco and go to the windows of their offices or balconies of their offices and spit outside. They lack table manners and are totally rustic.

      As far as I am concerned, it is farcical to have vote bank politics quotas and reservations.

      • Dear Mr. Lewis: I do agree with you 200% what you have written about the Indian politicians in the first two paragraphs.

        At this bonus years of life, when I look back the day I was landed in the U.S. without having any intention to stay in the U.S., but some of my very influential friends I met while struggling as a student with cultural-financial and climatic shocks, upon my graduation wanted me to remain in the U.S. for a few years; so one of my friends, a very prominent lawyer with close friendship with his law school classmates, two U.S. Senators got my green card without any problem within three months (then it took 6 months). But, now I wish, if I went back to India to be involved with some humanitarian work full time.
        Can I change my past?

        Where we grow and our surroundings will greatly influence us. Pundit Nehru was born rich, got educated at one of the most famous Universities of the world. His British friends were
        H. G. Wells (the great historian) Bernad Shaw (the dramatist, also the founder of the Fabian Socialism) Professor Harold Lasky of the London School of Economics etc. In India, the mentor of Mahatma Gandhiji, Rev. C.F. Andrews (professor of philosophy at St. Stephens college) and Dr. E. Stanly Jones, the close friend of Mahatma Gandhiji was another foreign friend. Dr. Jones was buried in India, who was the spiritual adivisor of President Franklin D. Rossevelt from 1940 until his death.

        How Pundit Nehru who got a poor country of 400 million people can transform India with a mega dose of social reformation? Economically speaking, he was neither a capitalist nor a communist, so adoped Fabian Socialism of his close friend, but adopted 5 year plan from
        Joseph Stalin. The U.S. exerted much pressure on England to give freedom for India with the whole anticipation that India will stand with the U.S., but that went astray.

        However, one thing I can tell it very affirmatively, if other than Pundit Nehru were the Prime Minister of India, India could have been easily sidetracked to a theocracy because some people like Sri. C. Rajagopalachari-C.P. Ramaswami Iyer- Morarji Desai etc were too fanatical in their religious outlook, while Pundit Nehru was an agnostic; thus the minorities could survive without torment in India.

        • Dear Mr. A.S. Mathew,

          It was nice to read your write up and learn certain things which I was not aware of.

          Inspite of Mahatma Gandhi’s fault, though they may have been small, I admire him, because he did not want the country to be fragmented, wanted people to live in peace and amity, was not corrupt and, when he died, he did not keep anything aside for his family. When Mahatma Gandhi had gone to England by ship in 1930, Sir Winston Churchill had commented, “Here comes the naked fakir,” and he truly died as a fakir. A different story, when compared with stereotype netas. In fact, I am led to believe, one of his sons was an alcoholic and when Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, he arrived to see his dead father’s body in a stupor.

          I do not have any regards for Jawaharlal Nehru, who with his brand of socialism, screwed up India and attracted good-for-nothing, but proud and vain politicians like Morarji Desai and V.K. Krishna Menon and India’s first Defence Minister was Baldev Singh who, I am told, was stupid and there is a real joke about him. Jawaharlal Nehru could have put a cap on India’s population (which was 350 million at time), controlled corruption, made bureaucrafts work for the people and serve them, opened India’s economy for the world to come and invest and develop industries. However, he privatized industries and they became loss-making entities serving as charitable institutions for netas and babus. Look at Air India, it has become a private airlines for the benefit of the netas and babus and when Praful Patel, the lieutenant of Sharad Pawar, was the Civil Aviation Minister, on what rationale did he order Dreamliner aircrafts? One need not be a PhD to understand if this order was placed due to a necessity or otherwise?

          As I believe in giving devil his due, Jawaharlal Nehru can only be credited for setting up the Indian Institute of Technologies, whose products are highly sought by the U.S. and the world. One billionaire in U.S., heading a large organizations there, told an American lady (an expert who had visited I.I.Ts. in India to study them and find out the secrets of its greatness) that a candidate with B.Tech. or M.Tech. from I.I.T. is considered more superior to those having combined qualifications from M.I.T., Harvard and Princeton. Mr. Narayanamurthy told that lady that his son sat for the entrance exams for I.I.T., but did not get admission as he was not amongst the first 200 toppers. So, he went to Cornell and not only got admission, but also on scholarship.

          I asked an ardent fan and rabid admirer of the Dynasty, who always sings praises of them, “Tell me what caused Jawaharlal Nehru’s death?” Rather than answering me, he kept beating around the bush.

    • A S Mathew is indeed careying some beef, a rotten one at that. How can he say that people got converted to escape the torture of discrimination when they are not treated any way better in their new found faith ? Come on 1: 5 be honest for a change.

      • Drona: How old are you? If you are too young, it is quite hard for me to explain the whole story of discrimination suffered by the so called Hindu religion created Dalits.

        My father was the first doctor in our village, (we are called Syrian Christian, my uncle was the former Governor of Nagaland, Dr. M. M. Thomas, before that the Central Committee Chairman of the World Council of Churches) the CMS primary school had a well but no water, so we had to go to the nearby homes for drinking water. We went to an old Hindu home, they got medical care from my father free of charge; the lady told me to hold my hands since I am a Christian boy, and she poured the water to my hand, I was 9 years old then. Her brother used to come to my home for free breakfast every day, there was no untouchability at the breakfast table. How to explain and justify that action? Do you know Drona, the anti-beef laws enacted both in Haryana and Maharastra has put thousands of people in unemployment and poverty, the leather industry in which 20% of the slum people at the Dhravi slum, the largest slum is greatly affected now; those people’s tears have reached the court of heaven and will be pouring down as if fire balls.

        “It is not sinful to eat meat of eatable animals, for Bhahma has created boh the eaters and the eatables” Manusumriti (Chapter 5/Verse30).

        “Indra used to eat meat of cow, calf, horse and buffalo” Rigveda (6/17/1)

        ” You will be surprised to know according to ancient Hindu rites and rituals, a man cannot be a good Hindu who does not eat beef” (The complete works of Swami Vivekandnanda vol 3.p.536. Do you think that Swami Vivekanda was eating salad and fruits when he came to the U.S. to speak at the World Parliament of Religions for the first time representing Hinduism?

        In Mahabharat, King Rantidev used to kill two thousand other animals in addition to two thousand cows daily in order to give their meat in charity” The History and Culture of the Indian People, published by the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan edited R.C. Majumdar (Vol 2. Page 578).

        You and your party has taken over the role of ” Brahma”, now please tell the name of that Brahma.

        • Dear Mr Mathew, I wonder why are curious about my age. If you have followed EYT for the past many years, you would realise and guess my approximate age. In any case, i must be younger than you as I am sure you are frozen in the 60″s. I take it that you are one of those guys who migrated in the sixties and who still believe that you can get Masala dosa for 25 paise or idiyappam for 10 paise. When last did you visit India? You are happy enjoying Colarado choice prime cuts, well roasted Morton’s steak, Atlantic/PACIFIC salmon. Of course if you remember some home food, you have udupi restaurants selling masala dosa for 10 dollars.

          If you are one of those persons who want to see india blossom into a force to reckon with, then forget about your religious narrow views and support modiji. If you want no progress, then don’t vote. the choice is yours.

          By the way will you be choosing between Hilary Clinton and Donald trump or just stay home and save your energy for EYT?

          Just share some views on what happened in that stupid gnu recently. Will you?

  2. In the pre Independence Era the Britishers were naturally pro Christian and in fact they encouraged Anglo Indians who were also Christians.
    Jobs for Anglo Indian and some Christians were easy in Railways, Post & Telegraphs and several other Institutions. These Christians were all 100 % honest hard working and enterprising as well.
    These Institutions were also highly disciplined .

    But post 1947, the scenerio changed most of the Anglo Indians migrated and even other Christians ventured towards foreign greener pastures .
    Now there is almost nil reservations for Christians and even the Dalit Christians are not sure of their rights.
    Most unfortunately NONE of our several Christian MLA’s or MP’s have truly fought for reservations or even minimum rights (Unlike other minorities who get much help).

    It’s apt to mention here that MOST Popular educational Institutions like Colleges , Schools , Hospitals are run by Christians be it the Protestant, CSI, Missionaries or Roman Catholic Jesuits or others and these are highly popular
    and admissions are sought.

    The name Christian implies that the person is quite well off economically and a forward community. But in truth there are several under privileged and many Christians in dire poverty. Although the Church and Institutions do help in reality they do not do enough and much needs to be done especially for the Middle Class Christians who have no where to go. The Church is generally more bothered about their spiritual welfare and temporal needs are not usually the Church’s concern as the Individual is considered capable of standing on His/Her own legs .
    Today unfortunately you can hardly see any capable leader in the Christian Community who can voice the true concerns of this small (Less than 2%) of the Indian Populace . It’s really time for the Young Christians to also join Politics . But the old saying ‘Politics is the last resort of a scoundrel’ is still apt even today. Of course there are exceptions to this and there are a few great politicians too.

    • Mr. Joe Britto,

      I have read your comments and wish to say the following:

      The British were very helpful to Anglo-Indians (earlier called Eurasians) and Parsis. I wonder from where you got the information that the British colonialists were good or had soft-heart for Christians. Far from so. Most Christians those days were farmers and very humble folks.

      Many Anglo-Indians and Parsis were employed in the Railways, Post & Telegraphs, Police, etc. The British considered them to be highly westernized compared to Christians, most of whom were Goans, Mangaloreans and tribals who had embraced Christianity.

      My father had finished his Matriculation those days at a tender age (and in first attempt) and he went to Bombay and could not get a job because he was underage. He returned to his native town and by the time he was 17 or 18 years, the World War II was raging and recruitment was in full swing. From the documents I recall seeing, he had been to Cannanore (today called Kannur) and underwent physical and medicals tests at the recruitment centre. The Recruitment Officer, a British, seeing his fair complexion asked him from which community he was from. Knowing the Britishers’ preferences, he bluffed him by saying that he is an Anglo Indian. Whether that worked for him or not I would not be able to say, because he had a squint in one eye, but got selected, trained and saw action on the Burma Front. He had travelled to many places in the Indian subcontinent, including to Rangoon and Irrawady in Burma in the East and close to the Afghan border.

      On most passengers trains, there was an intermediate compartments between second and third class compartments, exclusively for Anglo-Indians and Parsis.

      Anglo-Indians, though due to mixed blood considered themselves as westerners, they were, in fact, not westerners and Indians considered them as something else or soda lemons.

      Before India became indepenndent or immediately after she became indepedent, they migrated to England, Australian and other places. In my childhood, I came across some Anglo-Indians who were braggarts, believed in enjoying life, includng music, song and dancing, and their speech was liberally interspersed with b’s and f’s, in an era when even uttering the word “bloody” was considered blasphemous and the the utterer of such expletives could be castigated or ostracized.

    • Mr. Britto: Fr.Keller, the founder of the Christopher religious organization has always exhorted the believers that they must be very active in politics, else their voice won’t heard.

      Even though the 3% minority Christians are running 1/3 of the private educational and healthcare institutions in India, they are showing as a general rule in some States of India that their kingdom is not on earth but only the heaven.

  3. In continuation of my article, I am referring to the goondaism of the lawyers, who along with judges and police are the guardians of the law? They have behaved like goons, when students accused of raising slogans for sedition were being taken to court by assaulting not only them, but other students and journalists. The famous Delhi Police under their illustrious Commissioner were mute spectators. Some Delhiites say that Mr. Bassi is His Masters’ obedient servant and the explanations he gave to Mr. Choubey, the India Today Correspondent, were mere hog wash. He is not serving any common man, but his political masters, himself and his family.

    Law is not a decent profession in India to practice and survive on, because there are many lawyers who are not doing well and ever wiling to compromise. If you were to go to an Indian Court in a metropolis, you will see lawyers running after you and begging you to give them jobs and they will do them at heavily discounted or cut rates. I have experienced that myself. They address the would be or prospective client as “Brother” or “Sister” or “Daddy” or “Oh you are a Gujarati, so help a fellow Gujarati,” and so on and so forth. Mr. A.S. Mathew, it is a funny and educational experience.

    The other day while I was going on an errand, I was stopped and asked by a person if I needed any legal aid. When I saw him, I realized that he was a spokesman for the lawyer standing besides him and for every bakra they get, he must be getting his cut. Due to Almighty God’s benevolence, every one earns his daily bread, including crooks and scoundrels.

    Now you narrate funny incidents that you have come across in United States? As I am an article and short-story writer, I could add a bit of spices and sauces to make it palatable (lesterlpearson@gmail.com OR lewis.nelsonlewis.nelson@gmail.com).

    Thank you my friend,

    Nelson Lewis

  4. “Highest incidence of joblessness was witnessed among….” goes on Report specifically pointing out a particular community.

    No surprises here. This is the direct result of ‘vote bank’ politics practiced for decades by Congress party. A jobless guy comes to my mind who is also known for his hatred towards sanathana groups and doddanna due to past bitter experiences!! This report proves how he is not alone and there is much bigger problem in his community.

    At least, I appreciate how this community admits the bigger problem unlike another minority community members who are too sensitive to admit any problems within their community. All they do is play victim and demand more special treatment from everyone. What a sad situation!!

  5. As expected, AS Beef Mathew blames everything but his own community for the situation!!! His hindu-dhwesha is very unfortunate. Then again, he is not alone. He represents a much bigger agenda by his masters who created generations of self-hating individuals all over the world. It’s very unfortunate.

    Also, I find it hilarious to quote some old Veda books to justify animal abuse!! I wonder if Mr.Mathew has read old testaments at all? Does he follow those laws strictly? LOL

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