Hindu Maha Sabha Meet Held in City ‘Unauthorized’ – State President

Hindu Maha Sabha Meet Held in City ‘Unauthorized’ – State President

Mangaluru: Akhil Bharat Hindu Maha Sabha state president Rajesh Pavitran held a media meet here on Tuesday to clarify about the structure of his organization.

He termed the state-level meet held in Shri Kadali Math here on April 10 and also the announcement of office-bearers as unauthorized. He stressed that the ABHMS had no president at the national level but only a high-power committee.


He further reminded the public that any person styling self as ‘national president’ could only be an ordinary member. He added that Na Subrahmanya Raju had been elected state president for 2015-16 and he was the only authorized state president.

He accused Ambika Nayak, Chandraprakash Kaushik, Rakesh Ranjan, Naveen Neermarga and Shravan Mangaluru had unauthorized collected donations in the name of AIMS, which had broken into four factions.

The matter was under litigation and the court had given a ruling that only a high-power committee without any office-bearers should function.

Chandraprakash Kaushik, who was not even an office-bearer, was projected as the national president when the court ruling was in force. Pranavananda who was the national president once earlier had been relieved of his post for his improper conduct. The meet held in Mangaluru is said to have been organized by his supporters, he said.

He said that there was a plan for forcibly stop the meet from being held but it was allowed to go on because of instructions from the national level. Requisite evidence had been collected about this meet and it would be produced in court to question it.

He also revealed that the AIHMS owned a lot of property. The group in question only had an eye on it and been conducting parallel activities to grab. Otherwise, they did not have any concern for Hindus, he concluded.

State secretary Lohit Kumar Suvarna, Manjunath Notegar and Yuva Sabha state president Shrilata Salian were present at the media meet.

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