Hit by Car, Prashant D’Costa Forgives Driver for Showing Concern

Hit by Car, Prashant D’Costa Forgives Driver for Showing Concern

Puttur: Prashant D’Costa, president of the Uppinangady Merchants’ Association, has shown a remarkable reciprocal act of goodwill after he was hit by a car on Saturday night.

D’Costa, who runs a mobile network dealership in Uppinangady, was walking in the rain towards home after closing business. A heap of mud dumped by the side of the highway made him divert towards the edge of the tarmac surface. A car driven by Harsha knocked him down. He fell into the slush-filled water by the side of the highway.

Unlike many hit-and-run cases taking place in the nights during these times, Harsha stopped over,rushed to D’Costa’s help, lifted him up and took him in the same car to a hospital in Uppinangady for medical attention. He not only ensured quick attention to the victim but also stayed in the hospital until his condition turned normal.

In spite of having sustained severe injuries in the head, hand and feet, D’Costa was moved by the way Harsha took care of him. Therefore, in recognition of his humane act of response and display of civic responsibility, he declined to file any complaint to the police against the erring car.

The goodwill shown by both of them was well appreciated by D’Costa’s friends Kailash, Hariramachandra and others, who too came to attend on him.


  1. Mr. Costa shown great understanding…Even Mr. Harsha never escaped from responsibility….understanding is better than judgement…

  2. A very touching story. Mr. Harsha acted well by stopping the car, running and picking up Mr. Prashant D’Costa, who had fallen in the slush by the kerb-side, admitting him into the hospital and staying with him for a considerable length of time, till Mr. D’Costa recovered, rather than chickening off by speeding away.

    It was also magnanimous of Mr. D’Costa to forgive Mr. Harsha. I hope this incident has blossomed a friendship in both these gentlemen.

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