Honda recalls CBR 150R, 250R in India

New Delhi, Aug 14 (IANS) Two-wheeler company Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India on Friday announced a voluntarily recall of its CBR 150R and 250R models manufactured between July 2014 and June this year.

“It is suspected that sealant may have been applied incorrectly during assembly of the starter relay switch (which is a globally sourced part)”, the company said in a statement.

According to the company, this can increase resistance across the main fuse which may potentially interrupt the motorcycle’s battery voltage to the electrical system.

The recall process will start in mid-August, as a precautionary measure to check and replace starter relay switch if it belongs to the defective lot.

“The concerned part will be replaced free of cost in the identified units irrespective of the warranty status of the vehicle across all India Honda network,” the company said.

An interruption of the electrical system battery voltage could cause the engine to malfunction while riding and in extreme cases, the increased resistance in the main fuse could cause the starter relay to catch fire.

“However, no such incident has been reported in any manufactured vehicle in India,” it said.

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