How to Get an Edge in Low Stakes Poker Tournaments?


How to Get an Edge in Low Stakes Poker Tournaments?

Whether you are a beginner in poker or you have played poker before, it is common for players to participate in small stake tournaments. These events don’t need huge buy-ins, but they still have a decent pool of prizes. If you are entering constantly in higher stake tournaments, your bankroll will diminish frequently and you will have trouble getting the buy-in for next tournament. It is always wise to build your skills in the beginning of journey. With the advancement of the internet, you can play in as many small tournaments as you would like.

They can be fun but they are also often annoying as you play against different experienced players. Most of the buy-ins goes as low as few hundred rupees as there are thousands of participants. You may even win a few thousand rupees if you manage to get far along the tournament.

A lot of experienced players keep on paying lower in online poker tournaments, as they can build up their profits steadily by accumulating a high placing in such events with time. To get an edge over your opponents next time, be sure to play one of those small stakes events.

Be sure to reach the distance

When it comes to playing in any kind of tournament, you should take your time to get a good chance of winning, should you make it deep within the field. If you don’t have much time, there the chance that you may have to rush your decisions and be aggressive, which might eventually lead you to tank off mid-table position. Such kinds of tournaments usually take a few hours to complete, so you must be prepared well for all eventualities.

Be ready to face Wild Variances

There are lots of participants in smaller tournaments that there is a lot more variance than you are used to. People will usually try to double their stack quickly by going on hands all-in that they won’t think of doing so if they replay in cash game. People are likely to end up losing in early rounds as they get to build a great stack before blinds start getting raised. If you play in this way, you can ensure success in the long run but for the short term it could be harder if you get into a bad patch and cannot place well at all. This is why you should have enough bankroll to absorb those losses in the short run.

Don’t over complicate things

When playing tournaments, it sometimes gets risky to try and run conflicting bluffs as it basically ends badly for you. In lower stakes, most of the players don’t pay much heed as to what hand you may hold and they just care about what they have and they often don’t know you are about to represent a certain hand. Usually, they look to get end in defeat or showdown. This is the reason playing poker and making valuable bets is the ideal way to go. The amount of value you get in each hand is usually lower in higher stake games. You can bet much lower and a lot of players will call whatever you raise by if they love the hand they are about to hold.

Be sure to fold big hands

When playing smaller stake tournaments, there are many players who will vary in their tactics and approach. It will call out if they raise big and flush draw on the river. They have more than possible hit in their flush. They can be too predictable when it comes to playing enough of these tournaments and you can spot patterns in their play instantly once you have joined table. For more info on poker and other casino games, log on to

by Albertson Denim