How to Hold a Farewell Party

When someone leaves, you need not be submerged in sorrow. It is the perfect occasion to celebrate the person who is leaving and highlight how much he or she means to all.

The farewell party can be: Afternoon or morning tea/ lunch/ after work drinks/barbeque/ cocktail party/dinner/ BBQ. The farewell party may be organized like any other party except you need to think up ways to honour the person who is leaving.

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Here are some ways to organize a farewell party:

Selecting where to organize the party: The party may be held at your office, your home or a restaurant based on who is being honoured. For instance, for a colleague, who is shifting jobs, the office is a good choice while, for a person who is going overseas, a party at home will do well.

Invitations: Invitations for the party must be sent out much in advance so people attending can make arrangements.

Make decorations: Arrange for decorations like banners reading, “Farewell XXX”.

Organize the food: Finger foods will suffice unless you are planning a sit down meal. Make it simple and if possible, arrange the favourite cuisine of the person, who is being honoured.

Arrange activities/entertainment: One can organize fun games for entertaining guests at a fare well party like:

Treasure hunt: It will get your guests excited. Organize a treasure hunt based on a theme suited to the occasion. Provide clues that will keep participants guessing.
Trivia quiz: Hold a trivia quiz focusing on the life and likes of the star of the evening. It may be linked to special memories and fun times.
Karaoke: A fun event, sing along or karaoke is a great way to get the mood swinging at the party. It is an opportunity for guests to let their hair down.
Dance: A perennial favourite, it ensures complete entertainment. Organize a cheerful time by inviting guests to hit the dance floor.
Musical chairs: An activity, which will be enjoyed by all age groups-from kids to elderly. Favourite music can be played in the back ground.

Organize a farewell speech: Get people to heap accolades about the star of the evening. Give chance to the latter to offer a speech of thanks if he or she so wishes.

Arrange for a farewell gift: It is usual to present a gift to the person who is leaving. For one, who is retiring, a typical company gift will do or select something he or she will like. Gift travel friendly items for someone, who will be travelling away, Send cake online to one who is travelling far.

Record moments of the occasion on camera: Take plenty of photos of the farewell party to keep in memory who all attended and what activities were organized.

Honouring a team mate: If you are bidding farewell to a member of your office team, you can do the following:

Ask all team members to pen a para on what they remember most about their team mate.
Collect all these statements and read out at farewell party.
Include this collection to be given away as a farewell gift.

These are some ideas on how to organize a farewell party.

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